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Monique Toubeix from URBAN RETREAT ACTI-LABS FRANCE QUÉBEC CANADA – EUROPE – USA – PUERTO RICO and in more than 27 Countries

Monique Toubeix from URBAN RETREAT ACTI-LABS FRANCE QUÉBEC CANADA - EUROPE - USA - PUERTO RICO and in more than 26 Countries

Monique Toubeix: A Legacy of Beauty and Well-Being

Monique Toubeix from URBAN RETREAT in 27+ Countries

🌟 Excellence and Experience Over 40 Years
Monique Toubeix, part of URBAN RETREAT, has been a symbol of excellence and experience in the beauty and well-being industry for over 40 years. As a well-being consultant and renowned stylist, she has passionately contributed to salons in France, Montreal, and New York.

Beauty URB: Thoughtful Selection for Well-Being and Beauty

🍃 Wellness-Focused Treatments
Discover the essence of well-being and beauty through Beauty URB, powered by UR Urban Retreat. Monique curates a thoughtful selection of treatments aimed at enhancing your overall well-being.

UR Urban Retreat: Affordable Luxury of Unmatched Quality

💎 Dedication to Quality
UR Urban Retreat, a French company from Laboratoires ACTI-Labs, is committed to providing luxury, high-performance products of exceptional quality at genuinely accessible prices. European and French standards ensure the efficacy and safety of each product.

Monique’s Vision Aligned with UR Urban Retreat

🌿 Pursuit of Better Living
Monique, originally from France and now residing in Quebec, fully dedicates herself to her passion for hair, aesthetics, and wellness treatments. Her vision harmonizes seamlessly with the company’s mission to enhance daily life through products designed for hair, skin, and body.

Perfect Synergy between Expertise and Quality

🤝 Monique Toubeix and UR Urban Retreat: An Exceptional Partnership
Together, Monique and UR Urban Retreat create a perfect synergy between Monique’s decades-long expertise and the impeccable quality of the company’s products. Their shared objective is to satisfy a discerning clientele seeking excellence and efficiency in beauty and well-being treatments.

🌟 Join Us on the Journey of Excellence and Beauty!

✨ “Beauty is the art of revealing the best version of oneself, a passion that I have cultivated with devotion for over 40 years, guided by excellence and quality.” ✨

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